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ACTA is dead, IFLA & CLA advocate for fair copyright in the Trans Pacific Partnership, US calls for fair use in TPP


The European Parliament has overwhelmingly rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), effectively killing ACT. Details from Michael Geist’s blog:

Falkvinge, founder of the first Pirate Party, describes the victory thus:
Today at 12:56, the European Parliament decided whether ACTA would be ultimately rejected or whether it would drag on into uncertainty. In a crushing 478-to-39 vote, the Parliament decided to reject ACTA once and for all. This means that the deceptive treaty is now dead globally.
– and links this victory to the huge anti-SOPA backlash.

VICTORY! ACTA suffers final, humiliating defeat in European Parliament


IFLA and 9 other library associations (including CLA) have issued a statement expressing concern at the Trans Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Chapter:

The US has called for a fair use provision in the Trans Pacific Partnership – links and strategic comments thanks to Michael Geist:


CLA Press Release on Copyright Modernization Act

The Canadian Library Association has just issued a press release on the Copyright Modernization Act which just received royal assent.

IPC in the July 2012 BCLA Browser

The July 2012 BLCA Browser has just been released! Of particular interest for IPC:

Another awesome Browser! Here are direct links to the info policy committee related items:

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Many of the other articles are very interesting from an info policy perspective too!


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