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Forthcoming IPC Virtual Salon: At the Intersection of Freedom of Information Legislation and 21st Century Libraries

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Mark your calendar! This free IPC Virtual Webinar will be held on Friday, September 28, at noon PST. Registration details forthcoming soon. Details about the session and presenter:

Title: At the Intersection of Freedom of Information Legislation and 21st Century Libraries

In 1965 roughly 0.4% of the world’s population had a right to access information held by their governments. By the end of 2012, almost 80% of the world’s seven billion people will have such a right.

Recently Suzanne Legault, the Information Commissioner of Canada, announced a public consultation on the modernization of the Access to Information Act. This initiative marks the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of our federal freedom of information legislation. The recently adopted Code of Ethics of the International Federation of Library Associations (August 2012) recognizes the contribution that Canadian librarians and libraries can make to this consultation.

The timing seems right for librarians to discuss “What might be at the intersection of freedom of information legislation and 21st century libraries?”

In this presentation, Mark Weiler, (PhD, Simon Fraser University; MLIS candidate at the University of Western Ontario) will highlight the essential features of freedom of information legislation, challenge popular myths about using access laws (Myth: only journalists use it; Fact: businesses are the number one users of federal FOI legislation), provide examples of how to use access laws, and present concrete suggestions about how libraries and librarians might bring the benefits of FOI legislation to their communities.


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