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Library and Archives Canada Code of Conduct Followup Post 3 – Piling On

As mentioned yesterday the LAC Code of Conduct is getting more play in the Canadian media, including Jian Ghomeshi’s opening essay for Q on CBC radio this morning. On my way home from work tonight I heard a letter read on CBC’s All Points West from a listener comparing the muzzling of scientists, archivists and librarians as shades of 1930s Europe. So as people hear about it they’re getting into this issue.

Not quite as pop-culturey as hitting Q, here’s a video of MP Andrew Cash trying to discuss LAC oversight in committee a couple of days ago. You’ll note how things are quickly taken in camera (so it will not be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for public consumption, for example).

The Canadian Library Association also released a statement on the issue today. In it they say

We recognize that, as public servants, LAC employees also have a duty to uphold the principles contained in the Government of Canada’s Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector, including the duty to “use resources responsibly by acquiring, preserving and sharing knowledge and information.” If employees of Library and Archives Canada are unable to teach and to speak publicly, they are unable to perform their work as information professionals and as public servants.

And here’s a good example of a non-abysmal Code of Ethics for infopros, from the Association of Canadian Archivists (hat tip to Bibliocracy for bringing it up).


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